What FYS Can Do For You

Your business is our priority. We use a variety of strategies to help grow your business and bring customers to you.

Pick Your Flavor For Success

Web design

creative solutions

We’ll hook you up with a stunning website that will leave your customers in awe. Or, at least help them buy from you!

Your business needs a website. It’s your digital footprint, the virtual door customers walk through when they want your product or service. It needs to be neat & tidy, easy to use, and available on all devices. 

Our web design will gie yur business a fresh look and feel. We have fast turn around time, and can include hosting & maintenance if you need it! 

Lead Generation

Get more leads

Through PPC, we’ll leverage your advertising budget and help bring customers to your website or business door-step. No Joke.

Ok, leads are customers, no matter if you are seling a service or product. You and your business needs them to survive, right? Well, we work with you to create a robust PPC, social media program that will not only get your business exposure, but will also drive quality leads to your inbox or phone.

We line em’ up, you close em’ out on your product or service. It’s that EASY!

Hosting & Maintenance

With SSL protection

We’ll host your website & business on our secure, updated, and fast serrvers with great up time. We’ve got your back.

If we look at hosting like a house and land, hosting is the land that you build your house (website) on. We offer this with our web design in most cases for the ease of use. If you ever want to host your site on your own, no problem. Give us 30 days notice and we will arrange the transfer to the host of your choice with full backup at no charge.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!