What Businesses Overlook

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July 3, 2019

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What Businesses Overlook

Things have changed, big time. Compare 20 years ago to now and boy is there a huge difference in the way the world does buisness. With the power of the internet, everyone has worldwide access to almost anything they could imagine. In business, this is not different. The problem is, most of the time, while you are running your business, there are things that get overlooked or left out. In order to stay competitive, stay in front of your audience, and provide value to your customers, you need to be playing with a full deck.

1.  Social Media

Social Media is enromous. For the past several years and even more so today, it is one of the top, most cheapest forms of advertising available to just about any business. Yet, many business owners still think of it has something that the younger folks are doing, or think their business could not benefit by using social media. Listen, social media isnt just for updating your dating status anymore. It’s an opportunity to put your product, service, name, & message in front of millions, literally millions of people, and guess what? You can target these people to match your business to what they are interested in. If you’re a business owner and don’t understand this by now, please reach out, and we’ll teach you for FREE. If you’re not on the social bandwagon, then buddy, you better catch up or you’re going to be left behind.

2. Web Design & Image

Your website is your virtual storefront. Does it look like crap? Are the windows dirty? Does it have cobwebs and dust everywhere? Do you think people want to buy from someone who can’t even clean their store up? Hell no. If you have any kind of presence online, you should understand how important it is to have a clean, functioning, user friendly website. This is even more important if you have products  to sell. Your sales process or funnel should be super smooth, easy to use, and straight forward for the customer. If you lose their interest in the first 10 seconds, they are already moving on to someone else, most likely your competitor. That is just how it goes. Get your website a much needed makeover, show your customers that your product or service holds value and that you actually care about your business, and you’ll be able to not only sell easier, but you’ll also be able to retain customers easier as well.

3. PPC

Pay Per Click can be a huge benefit to your business. Many business owners tend to shy away from this becuse it costs money. Well, true, but depending on what business niche you operate in, that budget could result in 3x, 5x, or 10x your investment. The important part of the PPC game is to know what your doing. Either send the time to learn it, or hire someone who already knows, otherwise you’re going to be wasting a LOT of money. It takes keyword research and analyzing volume vs budget to put together a great strategy. PPC can also be a great tol to gather data about another aspect which is SEO. That’s another post all its own.

The bottom line here is you need to be diverse in your marketing scheme. Too many “agencies” will try to sel you a single service for $1,500 a month, when in reality it is going to take a well rounded approach to be effective in you marketing. The way we model our packages here at FYS does just that. We believe in a well rounded, full bodied approach andnot relying on just a single channel or avenue to try and reach your customer base. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how you can grow your business, please reach out, we’re happy to help.


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